Well I was excited last week when I found out I’d sold my first anonymous international copy, but this week just knocked that out of the park, with the first coverage of The Angelic Debt on another website, and the arrival of the first artwork based on a character description!

Alex Wiggan, mild-mannered Superman expert and all round bloody nice bloke, kindly spread the word about The Angelic Debt to all visitors to his excellent website thecomicscode.weebly.com 

Anyone with even a passing interest in movies, comic books or vintage video games really must make an effort to check out the site, but be prepared to lose your lunch break, as there’s a wealth of articles, reviews and discussions on there that can easily become addictive! I speak from experience, and I couldn't be happier about it!

Also this week, the wonderful Leeds-based artist Emma Saynor got in touch with her interpretation of the description of the Seraph, which you can now view in the Gallery section – at last, there’s something there other than “Coming Soon”!

Emma's submission is a digital creation, and I think it’s brilliant, as you’ll see from my comments alongside it. There are changes she’s made to how I pictured the Seraph which I think really work well, and I hope you all go check out her website emmasaynor.co.uk where you can see some of her other work, including album covers and rehearsal pictures from Leeds band Blue Note, and a great poster for the recent movie Stoker!

In other news, views to the site continue to come in, even when I’m not pointing people in its direction, and the book continues to sell, with paperback just slightly ahead of Kindle editions now - the electronic revolution could be on its way! 

Emma, Alex, thanks for your support. The rest of you, thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time! As always, anyone with any questions about submitting artwork, or NaNoWriMo can contact me through the Contact page.

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